Cathy Boyd


Marc and Richard:

I want to contact you to sing the praises of the three young men you sent down here; I will tell you, they are fabulous ambassadors for your company.  Because these kinds of positions are out in the field, you may or may not always know how employees are perceived by others – you are lucky to have these guys.

In six years, I have worked with A LOT of furniture installers and I will tell you (as I told them), if I could clone them, I’d be extremely happyJ  They were prompt, polite, knowledgeable, helpful AND personable (the last one is not always easy to find….).

Our electrician was delayed to get to the Hamlin site today so he won’t connect the BPI to the panels until early tomorrow so I cannot 100% say until then that everything was perfect, but once he gives me the OK that all the power is functioning, we can call this project successfully completed.

As under the gun as I was to find 20 matching cubes in the footprint and panel height that we needed and to work with an unknown company, I had some underlying levels of anxiety that all would work out well.  What a waste of energy….this was probably one of the best installs I’ve had in terms of the data/electric/furn vendors all working together to have things in place.

And on one final note, my colleague here will be setting up a construction trailer in the next 6 – 9 weeks, I believe. He will need to furnish it with some pre-owned cubes/seating/tables and he just told me to check out your site once they get the $$funding approved. Who knows….we may work again together!

Thank you so very much for your help on this project—it was such a pleasant experience!!

Cathy BoydDesigner/Space Planner/Café OperationsbioMérieuxDurham. NC