Jamie G


After searching Craigslist for a used office chair, I took a chance today and headed to Peartree Office Furniture in Framingham, MA.  Located at the top of a warehouse (don’t be scared off by the location!), the showroom is packed with high-end used office furniture.  I walked around a bit overwhelmed at the high quality of the furniture (priced well for what it was, but I knew I couldn’t afford most of it–I’m outfitting a small therapy office just for myself), but it wasn’t until I was led to the back room that I knew I had reached office chair heaven!

Peartree is currently selling a massive number of chairs at unheard of prices–I picked out an elegant used Knoll chair that was selling for $20!!!  Christine was incredibly helpful as I moved through the chairs trying to find one that suited me.  I honestly left wishing I could have spent more money with them.  It was because of their service (and selection) that I’m writing my first Yelp review.  I hope others will discover them and choose to buy “recycled” rather than new office furniture!  It is well worth the visit!

Jamie GSouthborough, MA