Sharyn McWilliams


I can’t say enough about Dennis Farr and the team at Peartree Office Furniture.  I got first class service from beginning to end.  We were expanding our company into a new space and I had been tasked with finding cubicles for us.  We are a funky, worker owned co-op with lots of owners that needed to agree to our choice.  We also have some alternative work space needs (standing desks, treadmill desks, funky office set-up etc).  No matter what I threw at Peartree they not only met what I needed – they exceeded it by a long shot.   The pricing was great and beat out 3 other companies looking to do the job for us.    The team that put in our cubicles couldn’t have more professional.  They did everything we needed and more.  They made changes when we needed them and came out more than once to correct or change things that we needed to have done.  We were probably a bit high maintenance, but we never felt that way at all.  They even vacuumed before they left!  And it all paid off when people saw the office for the first time.  To say that they were thrilled would be and understatement.  Everyone – even those who didn’t want cubicles – were impressed and very happy!

But beyond the cubicles, everything else that you provided for us was great.  The conference room table is amazing and a great price as well.  We are the envy of all our other offices. You were great at finding what we needed and it was always well priced.  We truly wouldn’t have the office we do without your help.  I will have to say that I got a lot of praise for this office, but I owe most of that to all of you at Peartree – you all were truly, truly amazing.   All I can say is Thank you a million times and that I have and will recommend you to everyone I know.

Thanks again for everything.


Sharyn McWilliamsEqual Exchange